Mkx matchmaking problems

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Smurf accounts ruining matchmaking for everyone

Sign up for free! Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Boards Mortal Kombat X what's up with the matchmaking? I was using the verses option and ranked match.

And I haven't experienced ANY lag, so far. I totally knew what you meant in your title but I just had the image of the movie Hitch aka the match making man pop up in my brain. Now I'm thinking of how terrible of a DLC character he'd make. I recal in the beginning having some really bad issues but unknown the biggest offended was simply finding a game.

Unless you were in a room I remember it almost impossible to do matchmaking. I remember injustice being better a week or so in so I'm really hoping that this is really just a server load issue and nothing more. Last night I got my ass kicked quite a few times as I simply couldn't do anything I wanted too.

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  • Mkx matchmaking problems. Hearst Magazines;

Whether I was trying to string combos or punish people I was always a second behind and my attacks would be blocked or I would miss my own. I'm good at fighting games, not great. I can usually hold my own against the majority of people and yeah I'm still learning this game but stil. There is nothing more infuriating than having other factors contribute to a loss.

I have had this issue with MK9. I can get into king of the hill lobbies easy but I want to rank up and play in rank matches but it would either a Take more than 10min to find a match or b time out. It was really annoying that it really stopped me from playing the game online.

This has only happened to me with MK9. I'm really hoping this isn't the case with MKX when I'm ready to hit the rank matches. Still going through story mode.

Hearst Magazines.

Does the ranked mode start out like ranked modes in other games, match you wildly until they find your skill level? I'm in the same boat I'm about 2 in 25 to 25 keep getting at he'd to people way out of my league.

So Bravo to both Microsoft and the selfish players ruining game play by playing smurf accounts! I hope all of you are real happy Show More Show Less.

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I agree that smurfing to wreck noobs is pretty pathetic. When good players do it solely for that reason it's terribly unsportsmanlike and ruins whatever integrity the game is trying to retain. Only for the sake of arguing their defense I have lately read a large number of posts by Diamond and low Onyx players complaining about ranking and matchmaking where they are getting destroyed over and over by high Onyx and Champs. There's also the solo players getting wrecked by teams repeatedly because there is no search preference to avoid this. Where are these players supposed to go to get a few wins?

Not in 's mind. Another aspect of alt accounts not necessarily de-ranked smurfs as you've defined them here is that they are used as an easy play around for bans.

I've both been involved in parties and witnessed second hand what happens when someone gets a ban. Here's what never happens: Here's what always happens: Give me a second to hop on another account. There are so many ways to get screwed by other players, or the game itself, that plenty of players who care a lot about stats and the like use their main accounts a bit sparingly.

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Alt accounts are like work clothes they know are going to get ripped and dirty. When they are warmed up, playing well, teamed with friends and want to shine they put on their main clothes. The way the game is set up I can't really blame them.