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Minor Changes in the Major Models: Open Comb Micromatic Edition. Here are some of the small changes made to the different models. As you can likely guess from the pictures alone, these changes have little to no effect on the shave, but are important to note for possible dating info. First off, the Open Comb Micromatic. One of my all time favorites. These came in a chrome plate and in "gold", possibly brass.

There are some adds giving the option of gold or chrome plating, I don't know for sure if it was in reference to gold as in "Au", or gold as in "It looks shiny and gold colored". The only difference I have found has been to the topside of the base plate. Some have two little "bumps", some do not. I'm guessing, and it is strictly a guess, that the bumps came after the smooth plate as the bump design carried over into the later MM models. After more than 4 years using the OCMM I've noticed that the bump-free razors are just a touch less forgiving than their bumped counterparts.

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My guess, again just a guess, is that the bumps were added for a more consistent blade loading experience, giving the blade a natural angle to seat properly in the clips at the front. In my experience, a blade loaded very flat on the sans-bump versions often leads to a less than blood free shave.

And now the pic. In this shot, we see the chrome version to have the bumps, while the gold does not. I have found gold versions that have the bumps, but so for no chrome versions that do not. Please feel free to add if you have a bump free chrome razor. Like the OC, the Clog Pruf was available in gold and chrome. GEM, again, had some very small changes for no known reason. In the Clog Pruf, the changes are to the "teeth" on the safety bar.

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As you can see, the chrome version has fewer and larger teeth. My sample size of Clog Pruf razors has been somewhat limited, but to date the variation of the safety bar has been consistent to the photo. All my chrome plated razors have the larger teeth, all my gold razors have the smaller teeth. Please feel free to add if you have one the other way around. All of my OCMMs have the bumps. I'd have to agree with Andy that the non-bump OCMM would seem to be an earlier version than the ones with bumps. So be sure to find the bumpy razors so you can prevent razor bumps?!?! The final Micromatic edition, both in this comparison and in production, The Flying Wing.

Again, gold and chrome models were available, along with yet more changes. First the "Guiding Eye".

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  • Based on ads, this was more of a sales gimmick than anything else. The user was supposed to be able to enjoy a great shave while the "Guiding Eye" does the work. The eye itself is nothing more than a little circle drilled from the cap. The Guiding Eye variant. The "blind" no guiding eye version.

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    Here, I show the plating options, along with the seldom seen plastic tip razor. You all have nice and clean slightly scratched razors. What is the appropriate price place to get usefull OCMM? My apologies for newbie question, I do not have experience with vintage razors. I did enjoyed reading your great reviews. By far the best place to get a nice OCMM is from another member on the shaving forums. Andrew, thank you, I will do so. Ebay results can be spotty. Some sellers think they have gold in a ratty little OCMM with most of the plating missing and sometimes it appears they clened it up with Scotch Brite.

    I've bought lots of razors at a time for just a few dollars per razor and gotten good stuff and junk.

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    I bought on elot of half a dozen MMs and they were mostly junk. I agree, best results are had when buying on the forums. You won't get any steals, but you won't get bent over either. I've found prices to be good and quality to be exactly what the razor is described to be or maybe better.

    It doesn't take long for a bad reputation to start, and we're expeected to know condition. On e-bay it's a very few sellers who know a razor from a corkscrew.

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    I've got the flying wing and have only had it for a week. That being said, I shaved with it for a week and noticed a much better shave than with my Parker DE. I love the weight of the GEM and how easily it slides down my face with minimal to no effort on my part; my job is just to guide it along it's path. I am fascinated by this high quality razor and don't know if I'll ever find one so nice, SE or otherwise.

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    The company produces a wide range of personal care, medical, industrial blades and cutting tools with international operations in Canada, England, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Israel. Frederick and Otto Kampfe were immigrants from Saxony , Germany. In they applied for a U.

    The brothers continued to improve their design and sold their products under the Star Safety Razor name in Brooklyn , New York. Jerry Reichard, after working for the Kampfe Brothers for 23 years, leaves to start his own company — the Gem Cutlery Company in The Yankee Company, is renamed Ever-Ready in In , abandoning the wedge-blade design, they introduced the standard single edge rib-back blade that is still used today. In December The Safetee Soap Corporation formed as a subsidiary of American Safety Razor Corporation and produced a line of shaving soaps, creams, powders, talc and aftershave lotions to compliment the safety razor business.

    It was chartered in Virginia, while razor and blade production remained in Brooklyn. By , it had produced 1,, safety razors; ,, razor blades; 1,, shaving brushes; 2,, cakes of shaving soap. I was wondering if there was any way to find out when a GEM razor was made? I can submit images if it would help, but I imagine that since it doesn't have any unique markings they were probably just made in a certain time frame?

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    • The earlier Micromatic model was made mostly in the 's and 's. There should be some old ads or patent documents that will give us clues.