Vcr hookup

RX-V581 VCR Hookup

The VCR videocassette recorder has been used in entertainment setups in homes and businesses around the world for decades. Consumers are still using this handy device for recording and watching recordings, long after the introduction of DVD digital video disc and Blu-ray players. You can connect one up to your system easily. Check the back of your television to see what type of jacks it has.

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Check the cable box to find your options available on it. Connect a coaxial cable to the wall outlet for your cable signal. Match the colors on the end of the cable the connectors to the colors of the output jacks red to red, white to white and yellow to yellow.

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The most common type of cable used for this is a group of three cables in one, with male "RCA" connectors on each end. Each of these looks like a metal collar around the outside, and a single metal shaft sticking out in the centre.

How To Connect Your VCR

Most often their insulating collars are coded with Red, White and Yellow. Now over on your TV, you will find similar jacks as inputs, but the Composite Video connector is a little confusing. Two of them will still be Stereo Audio Left and Right. If you want to use just what you have - Black and Red - you can as long as they have those male RCA connectors on both ends of the cables. The actual cables are both technically the same, so it does not matter which color goes to what, but you just must match them. AND this will not get stereo audio to your TV, because you have only one audio cable to use.

VCR/DVD Player

On the TV your menu system will have a way to select which signal input is being used. Some such machines in their menus allow you set whether it handles audio as two stereo signals or just a single mono audio channel. IF you have that choice, choose Mono audio AND take note of whether that signal will be on the Left or Right connector of each machine. Make sure to arrange your Black cable to use those connectors so the Mono Audio signal get through.

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