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The process goes something like this: Or maybe you put on your best outfit because first impressions count across the desk as much as the dinner table. At the end of the encounter, you walk out with one of you promising to call.

Since we believe that finding your place to belong in the working world is so important, we looked into this analogy a little deeper. Here are a few surprising stats:. One of the big differences, however, is that you can obviously go on many dates before you have to decide whether that person is for you. Where dating relies on your first-hand experience, how do you find out what a company is really like before taking a job?

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The options are few. We want to fill your job dating pool with as many real experiences as possible so you can make an informed decision about your work life—before you have to commit to it. Below she shares six ways to date like a recruiter.

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  4. Scroll through their social media An easy way to start filtering out your prospective matches is to comb through their social media: Grab coffee, not dinner Instead of investing in a multicourse meal or a round of drinks on a first date, meet your match for some coffee or matcha. Ask strategic questions First dates are not the time to beat around the bush.

    When the job hunt feels like the dating game …

    Instead, ask open-ended questions so they can express how they truly feel. Zhu says to stick to a script, such as: Did someone sweep you off your feet even though you may not have been looking? How did they do it? Did they complement you? Did they find common interests?

    If Dating was Like A Job Interview - Comedy Sketch

    Were they persistent in their pursuit of you? Don't talk about a job too early in the process of networking, that is like talking about what you want to name your children on the first date.

    How Dating "Rules" Apply to Job Search Success -

    Commit to going out regularly. You generally have to meet a lot of people before you find the right fit for a relationship. You need to be emotionally healthy.