Destiny vault of glass raid matchmaking

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  2. Here's An Easy Way To Find Players For Destiny's Vault of Glass Raid.
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  4. Destiny: Vault of Glass Raid Beat By 3-Player Team – Game Rant.
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Anyone starting raid soonish? Help on vault of glass strike!!!! Im on xbox and my gamertag is EasierPompano3. Add me for raid on hard GT is llx-Mental-xll on ps3. Add me Dualforce2 for hard raid level 29 warlock Ps3. Add me for raids ps4 herpnderp Vault of Glass who down? If you still need someone add me pooplord xboxone titan lvl 28 I also have a mic.

Destiny: Vault of Glass Raid Beat By 3-Player Team

Hi, Looking for players to help getting Thorn. Xbox weekly strike very hard Add me: There have been other stories, of course. Strange tales have reached our ears — tales of total strangers who have banded together to see the Raid all the way through to a triumphant finale. Keep sounding off about it, and maybe someday some matchmade Fireteam mates will hear you, too. And I don't know what jerk-off time you set your watch to but I sure as fuck don't have the time to scour message boards looking for people to play video games with.

I barely have enough time to write on message board about how much video games piss me off. But here I am. And here I say goodbye. You know, even if you could find five people to play with you seem like such an asshole that I doubt they'd stick around for long, doucher. Of course it's a grind fest. They took a page from the mmo book and that's what they are. Imagine trying to do VoG with 3 people because others left? Not to lessen your point but the fastest time so far to my knowledge has been 40 something minutes.

Coordinating through a party is the only you are going to beat it, and even then it is going to take several hours. The Raid took coordinated clans 11 hours to beat when it released, and still can take hours for coordinated teams. Matchmaking for Raids makes no sense at all, if you want to beat try reading the sidebar which is mandatory before posting by the way and use a LFR group finder. I'm gonna browse subreddits for friends to raid with on xbox live.

You are one of the most unreasonable people I've seen on this sub. If you don't have 10 minutes to assemble a fireteam then you obviously don't have hours to run a raid either, so it's a moot point.

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Bungie has said raiding is not for the casual player. Raiding in any MMO has never been for the casual player. Why is this such a difficult concept for you to understand? This rant kind of sounds like you want them to just give you all the best items in the game right off the bat.

How much fun are you going to have then? Have all the best stuff and you'll only play the raids or strikes once.

No, of course Destiny’s raids couldn’t work with matchmaking

Though I do think they should allow matchmaking and punish people who leave early. I know what a fucking grind is like. I'm at the point where I've done every story mission on hard. Every strike on every difficulty. Every multiplayer game mode. Every map which are ridiculously limited and generic, by the way. My only motivation, at this point in the game, is to get more epic gear. On top of that, I can't raid as a casual gamer.

Destiny! How Could Raid Matchmaking Work?

I was hooked until 26 too. Then the frustration set in.

No, of course Destiny's raids couldn't work with matchmaking - VG

Then I stopped playing because my marks are capped. The game is fun but gets boring imho. Strikes get old after doing them all 1, times what feels like at least. The rng is always against you.

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I mean I understand bungie wants you to put time into it but maybe they should make more legendary items and let then drop a little more. The game is what feels like an eternal grind and i like that of I was playing Diablo. That's exactly what this game is, an fps rpg mmo type deal.

It's meant to be ground and farmed. Don't know what the fuck else you were expecting. A small amount of variety and better drops isn't lofty expectations. It's a legitimate criticism.